Facilities Management

S-Curve Linear are experienced at providing facilities management services to a wide range of clients in Australia. Our hands-on experience working in-house in various facilities has taught us critical lessons which we apply to our methodology, giving our clients confidence in the smooth on-going operation of their facility. Applying our knowledge early in the project ensures that the venture is aligned from the start and that the completed facility is future-proof.

Effective facilities management is especially crucial within the PPP model, as the client has long-term obligations to the operation of the facility. We understand this unique situation and we know how to ensure the client’s ongoing obligations are met post commissioning and completion stage.

The key to successful facilities management lies in planning. By bringing our unique perspective to the design table, clients have peace of mind that systems have been built into their facility to ensure its smooth running.

Our facilities management service includes:

  • Handover packages
  • End-user familiarisation
  • Training and facility transition
  • Asset management
  • Preventative maintenance requirements
  • Fire & Life Safety

Case Studies

New Royal Adelaide Hospital 

To date, this is the largest and most complex hospital in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing together 25,000 workers including construction experts from all over the world…

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Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre was to be a brand-new facility with the vision of saving lives by integrating world leaders in cancer research, treatment, care and education...

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Bioscience Research Centre, Department of Primary Industries

Primary Industries research centres are essential to Australia’s competitive advantage, so S-Curve Linear are proud to have worked on the Bioscience Research Centre (AgriBio) at LaTrobe University...

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New Schools, Victoria

The New Schools Public Private Partnership Project marks an innovative approach to the future of education in Victoria and Australia.  It has a capital value of $291 million...

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