Commissioning is crucial to the overall success of a project – yet this is where we often see major issues arise. Over our 25 years’ experience in project managing, we’ve built up a unique skill set to make the commissioning phase more streamlined and transparent, helping to save our clients’ time and money.

Active and efficient project management between the design phase and commissioning is essential for project success – and it’s where we excel.

How do we do this?

We co-ordinate with your design team to develop a succinct witness inspection matrix to test whether each deliverable is fit for purpose. We develop a pre-defining verification framework for each physical deliverable, so that from a functional,technical and Quality Standards perspective, we know exactly how it will be verified for commissioning.

Our strategy is to look at:

  • What are we required to comply with? This can include a Client’s functional brief, technical specifications, building codes, standards and guidelines.
  • How are you going to test that it is fit for purpose and meets all of the requirements? What is the methodology? What is the process to engage with the Client to ensure alignment in the proposed approach in advance?
  • Where in the facility are these requirements applicable to?
  • When do you perform a test? Is it a desktop review, documentation submission or physical witness test?

Case Studies

New Royal Adelaide Hospital 

To date, this is the largest and most complex hospital in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing together 25,000 workers including construction experts from all over the world…

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Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre was to be a brand-new facility with the vision of saving lives by integrating world leaders in cancer research, treatment, care and education...

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Bioscience Research Centre, Department of Primary Industries

Primary Industries research centres are essential to Australia’s competitive advantage, so S-Curve Linear are proud to have worked on the Bioscience Research Centre (AgriBio) at LaTrobe University...

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New Schools, Victoria

The New Schools Public Private Partnership Project marks an innovative approach to the future of education in Victoria and Australia.  It has a capital value of $291 million...

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