New Royal Adelaide Hospital $2.1 Billion

To date, this is the largest and most complex hospital in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing together 25,000 workers including construction experts from all over the world. An iconic building, the New Royal Adelaide Hospital took over 15 million (collective) hours to construct and truly tested the skills of all operational teams involved.

This project was also distinctive because of its state-of-the-art design, construction and innovative problem-solving approach to challenges. Right from the start, this has been and continues to be a particularly exciting project for S-Curve Linear to be involved in.

Responsibilities & Achievement

The client, HYLC, engaged S-Curve Linear’s services as specialist project managers to work with the delivery teams on the commissioning, completion and compliance phases. Our specialist set of skills and capabilities meant that we were able to streamline these three key phases by developing methodologies and frameworks that were tailored to the project.


  • Manage HYLC Services and Commissioning Team at Senior Project Manager level, to ensure alignment with the Builder’s Commissioning and Completion framework
  • Contribute to monthly JV Executive Board meeting and reporting


  • Builder’s Completion Manager representative and providing completion interface with Project Co Representatives
  • Create and manage the systems and processes required in relation to Independent Certification, specifically relating to Completion Requirements and Completion Test requirements
  • Builder’s Completion Manager representative acting as the interface with the Independent Certifier (IC-DCWC)
  • Provide support and guidance on PPP model, namely Completion, Certificates and Authorisations, Quality Standards, Accreditation compliance, Builder-FM Interface Agreement obligations
  • Core member of Project Co Completion Strategy Steering Group
  • Daily status, weekly and monthly reporting of Completion Test outcomes
  • Management of Outstanding Items List from TC to CA and Post CA into Operating Term


  • Ensure Design Standards have been met
  • Codes, Standards and Guidelines have been met

Typically, on a project of this scale and complexity, the key challenges faced by delivery teams are time, cost and quality. With nRAH, added complexity and challenges were presented by the procurement model, Public Private Partnership (PPP).

The long-term nature of the PPP model required added rigour and multiple layers of review, acceptance and sign-off, spanning several key areas:

  • Meeting the design requirements and providing the necessary evidence to ensure contractual compliance is achieved and demonstrated
  • Satisfying the vast array of Quality Standards
  • Meeting ‘fit for purpose’ obligations during delivery and beyond completion
  • Independent certification and the role of Independent Certifier.

To effectively manage the scope and complexity of these added challenges, S-Curve Linear drew on our experience working under the PPP model. We led a team of experienced personnel working collaboratively with the client to develop and execute the commissioning plan for nRAH.

We introduced tighter project controls, monitoring, reviewing and reporting of the builder’s internal commissioning program. The aim of this concept was to increase the level of due diligence up front and prior to the Independent Certification phase, which was a critical call.

We achieved this by introducing a third party Independent Certification “shadowing” consulting team, who acted as a final gateway review to the builder’s internal commissioning phase. The result – improved quality outputs of the commissioning phase as a pre-cursor to the Independent Certification process. The extra investment up front proved successful as this added measure increased confidence in the delivery team and with upstream reviewing parties.

Another key innovation was a completion test we developed which streamlined the completion process, giving extra confidence to the project.

On Tuesday 13th June 2017, the New Royal Adelaide Hospital officially reached Commercial Acceptance. In Minister Jack Snelling’s opening ceremony media statement, he hailed the project as:

 “The crowning achievement in the city’s biomedical precinct and will represent the highest standard of health care for South Australians.”

The support and guidance we provided the client on working under the PPP model meant that the compliance and completion phases were both efficient and successful.

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