The main objective of the completion phase is to make certain the facility is fit for purpose and operationally ready from the moment you open the doors.

Our experience has taught us the key to achieving this is:

a) Developing a robust completion framework

b) Ensuring that both delivery and operational teams are aware of their obligations.

To achieve this, we engage early to ensure the project’s unique requirements are clearly understood and respected, and we create a project-specific handover package.

For projects under the PPP model, we understand the importance of making provision for the client’s ongoing obligations to the completed facility, and create a handover package tailored to those obligations. See Facilities Management for more information.

From the moment we join your project, we constantly forecast and capture all aspects of the project, ensuring that critical issues are identified and dealt with swiftly.

To enhance transparency, and to streamline the completion process, we use a web-based platform which allows an array of different user profiles so that anyone involved in the project can access key information – in real time.

Case Studies

New Royal Adelaide Hospital 

To date, this is the largest and most complex hospital in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing together 25,000 workers including construction experts from all over the world…

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Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre was to be a brand-new facility with the vision of saving lives by integrating world leaders in cancer research, treatment, care and education...

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Bioscience Research Centre, Department of Primary Industries

Primary Industries research centres are essential to Australia’s competitive advantage, so S-Curve Linear are proud to have worked on the Bioscience Research Centre (AgriBio) at LaTrobe University...

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New Schools, Victoria

The New Schools Public Private Partnership Project marks an innovative approach to the future of education in Victoria and Australia.  It has a capital value of $291 million...

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